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Honor and remember your loved ones during the holiday season with the Auxiliary's Second Annual Book of Love, Honor and RemembranceClick here for all the details.


Mission of the Auxiliary

"The purpose of this organization shall be to promote and advance the welfare of Suburban Hospital and the public through volunteer service to the hospital and its patients, and through fund raising, in a manner satisfactory to the hospital governing board.”

The Suburban Hospital Auxiliary Today                                                                                                              

The Suburban Hospital Auxiliary is a membership organization dedicated to supporting the hospital, staff, and surrounding community.  The Auxiliary organizes and coordinates a wide range of activities.  These activities raise funds to support the hospital, striving to enhance the hospital’s state-of-the-art facilities and award-winning patient care and services.  More than 180 men and women are involved in the organization. They volunteer their time and support projects that benefit the hospital, patients, and community. 

The Auxiliary is now partnered with the hospital Community Health and Wellness department.  The partnership allows the Auxiliary to reach out, not only to the surrounding community, but also to Montgomery County and the state of Maryland.  The Auxiliary supports the less-fortunate, homeless, and needy citizens in Maryland.  In 2011, the Auxiliary provided funding for some of the flu shots and provided volunteer support for the Montgomery County Homeless Resource Day.

The Auxiliary has been in existence since 1943. In 2012, it will celebrate its 69th year.


Why You Should Join!

The Auxiliary offers a wonderful opportunity to meet others in the community who share a similar interest in community service and welfare.  As a member, you will form new friendships while making a difference in the community, the health of its citizens, and enrichment of the hospital that serves them.

As a tight-knit group of individuals, the Auxiliary performs a social role in the community as well as raising money for Suburban Hospital.  There is an Annual Fall Luncheon in October, an Afternoon Tea at Normandie Farm in March, and the Annual Meeting and Spring Luncheon in May.  The Auxiliary has several different social activities throughout the year that offer something to fit everyone’s interests.

Some Auxiliary members may also be volunteers in the hospital.  However, the Auxiliary does not require or ask that a member be a volunteer.   

To become a member of the Suburban Hospital Auxiliary, active or supportive, please complete this application and return it with the nominal annual dues of $15 to:

Suburban Hospital Auxiliary

c/o Volunteer Services

8600 Old Georgetown Road

Bethesda, MD 20814


Auxiliary Accomplishments

Over the years auxiliary funding has supported the establishment and needs of the Family Resource Center on Aging, Information Referral Service, Radiological Technology Services, the Pediatric Center, NIH Heart Center at Suburban Hospital, Emergency/Trauma Center, the Joint Replacement Center and nursing scholarships.  

Currently, the Auxiliary fully funds the Patient Education department.  The Auxiliary also provided the “seed” money to start the ECHO program for assisting employees who find themselves in dire financial need.  The ECHO program no longer needs financial assistance from the Auxiliary.  The employees of the hospital support this program through payroll deductions and donations.  The Auxiliary also generously provides funds to produce Suburban Hospitals "My Health Record" medical information cards.  These wallet sized cards have gained national attention as a simple way to keep critical information in one place for easy reference by medical personnel.




Vendor sales in the Hospital are held several times each year.  They offer high quality products at discount prices and are open to the public.  These sales include fine jewelry, purses and luggage, linens of all kinds, books for all ages, and a special $5.00 sale of over-stock items.

The Montgomery County Thrift Shop in Bethesda is manned by five different non-profit and not-for-profit community organizations.  Suburban Hospital volunteers have participated since the Thrift Shop was opened in 1943.   Each of the five organizations, including the Auxiliary, receives 20% of the proceeds from the Thrift Shop.  Learn more about the Thrift Shop here.

The Gift of Love, Honor, and Remembrance during the holidays.  This activity provides an opportunity for all members of the community to offer thanks and honor to friends, family, colleagues, a special doctor or nurse, and to members of our Armed Services.  It allows us to share memories of those who are no longer with us and to offer prayers for hospital patients and others who are ill.  For these remembrances, the Auxiliary requests a minimum donation for each person honored.  These donations are designated for an area of the hospital that has a special need.  A Book of Remembrances is kept of all names honored and memories/wishes expressed.  All persons are welcome to participate regardless of religious affiliation and all will be recognized.


Other Activities:

Mother’s Day Flowers are personally hand-delivered by Auxiliary volunteers to every woman patient in the hospital on Mother’s Day whether they are a mother or not.

Chanukah and Christmas cards are personally hand-delivered by Auxiliary volunteers to every Jewish or Christian patient during the holidays.

Yarns of Warmth has over 50 members that donate their time and supplies to knit or crochet afghans/blankets for palliative patients, adult surgical patients, others who are critically ill.  These blankets provide color, warmth, and a cheerful atmosphere to patients’ rooms.

Knots for Shots, a project of the Community Health and Wellness department, is also one that the Auxiliary supports.  The Yarns of Warmth knitters and crocheters also make scarves, hats, and baby blankets for the homeless and needy families in the community that receive a flu shot in the fall. The Auxiliary participated in the first Montgomery County Homeless Resource Day in 2011.  It was one of multiple organizations that participated in giving the homeless everything from haircuts, financial services, heart and health care, as well as eye and dental care.

OASIS is a national adult education organization that offers classes, lectures on all imaginable topics covering history, art, music, etc.  In this area, OASIS is supported by Macy’s (Montgomery Westfield Mall) and Suburban Hospital.  A waiver for registration fees is given to every new Auxiliary member.

History of the Auxiliary

 On May 22, 1942, a Certificate of Incorporation was approved by the State of Maryland creating the Suburban Hospital Association, Inc., an organization of citizens dedicated to providing a hospital for the Bethesda area.  Ground was broken for the construction of a new hospital on April 6, 1943.  The first patient was admitted in December 1943.

On April 21, 1943, Mrs. Walter E. Perry, then chairman of the Women’s Activities Committee of the Board of Trustees of the Suburban Hospital Association, received authorization from the Board for the formation of the Women’s Auxiliary of Suburban Hospital.   The Women’s Auxiliary adopted bylaws and elected its first officers on April 24, 1944 to become a permanent organization.

The Auxiliary Special Gifts Committee solicited money and services from area clubs, businesses and community citizens for necessary equipment for decorating the patient rooms.  With cooperation from local sewing groups, this committee made draperies and slipcovers for hospital rooms.

The nurse’s home, then called McKinley Hall, was similarly decorated.  Meetings were held in the living room of McKinley Hall located at the corner of McKinley Street and Old Georgetown Road.  The Grounds Committee encouraged community garden clubs to donate plants and furnish fresh flowers for the hospital.

The Auxiliary has always combined jobs of service and fund raising.  In the very early years, the Auxiliary established service areas and recruited volunteers on committees for social services, a patients’ library, decorating, pictures, hospitality, and grounds.  Through the cooperation of the Red Cross with the Auxiliary, Red Cross Gray Ladies were admitted in 1951 to serve at Suburban Hospital.  The Red Cross nurses’ aides performed volunteer duties.

With two other local agencies, the Auxiliary helped establish a thrift shop in Bethesda in October 1943.  Later three other organizations joined them.  The Thrift Shop has continued to be a major source of revenue for the Auxiliary.

A gift shop was opened in 1948.  The gift shop provided another source of revenue for the Auxiliary.  It was a great convenience for patients, personnel and visitors.  Television and radios were made available to patients through the gift shop in 1950.  The gift shop is no longer connected to the Auxiliary.

A snack bar was operated by the Auxiliary for ten years.  It was located in the “B” wing when it was completed in 1956.  It was closed in December 1966 when a canteen was opened by the hospital in the newly completed “C” sing. 

The Junior Volunteer Corps was organized by the Auxiliary in March 1944.  In the beginning, only young ladies (ages 15-18) were trained to perform small tasks.  Later, young men were accepted as well.  This program is now part of the general volunteer program under the Volunteer Office.

In 1950-1951, the Auxiliary became a member of the Montgomery County Federation of Women’s Clubs (Class C).  During that time, the Auxiliary also became affiliated with the American Hospital Association and also Maryland Association of Hospital Auxiliaries (MAHA) in 1951.

In the 1980’s, the Auxiliary funded the construction of Auxiliary House on the corner of Southwick Drive and Old Georgetown Road.  It replaced McKinley Hall and is now an assisted living facility.





President            Dale Midlam

Vice President    Connie Nelson

Secretary           Phyllis Donoghue

Treasurer           Dale Midlam

Past President    Phyllis Donoghue




Planning                                  Renne Kuff

Corresponding Secretary          Sondra Brody

MAHA Representatives          Ellen & Dale Midlam

Membership                            Kevin Donoghue

Special Events                         Connie Nelson

Thrift Shop Liaison                  Eva Poulos

Vendor Sales                           Jinny Hoffman & Cindy Schwartzman

*  Maryland Association of Hospital Auxiliaries (MAHA)