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Professional Development

At Suburban Hospital, we believe your work should be interesting and full of opportunities for growth. That’s why we provide customized and dedicated training for our nursing professionals to learn new skills and take on new roles within our organization.  Learning doesn’t end when you walk in our door – it continues.

A Multi-Tiered Program

We support education and career advancement with an integrated approach that includes continuing education, scholarship assistance, and staff support programs.

Following are some of the professional development opportunities available to our nursing staff:

Nursing Scholarships and Continuing Education Support

  • The Casey Scholars Program.  The Eugene B. Casey Foundation is committed to providing support for the undergraduate, graduate and continuing education of nurses and other key caregivers by funding the Casey Scholar Program at Suburban Hospital.  This program is designed to assist Suburban Hospital in providing optimal care to patients by increasing its number of new nurses, while retaining and strengthening its existing staff of caregivers through advanced and graduate training opportunities.  Scholarships are offered to individuals entering into a basic or advanced practice, with a focus on areas where there is a known or predicted shortage of caregivers.  In addition to contributing to the supply of nurses in the workforce, Casey Scholarships may finance internships in specialty areas, certifications, and leadership development programs. 

  • The Suburban Hospital Scholarship Program.  The Suburban Hospital Scholarship Program is designed to generate increased interest in health-care careers.  It is open to residents of the Washington, DC metropolitan region who are currently enrolled in Nursing and other undergraduate programs in the health-care field.

  • Tuition Reimbursement. Tuition reimbursement is available to all full-time and part-time regular employees at Suburban Hospital.  The maximum amount for full-time is $2,500 and part-time regular is $1,250 per calendar year.  Passing grades are required for reimbursement.  Funding is also available to full and part-time employees for the education required for certification/re-certification.

Certification Support

As part of the tuition benefit available to full or part time RNs, up to $500 a year may be used towards attaining certification in a nursing specialty.  These funds may also be utilized to pay for educational programs required to maintain certifications.

Additionally, all benefit-eligible nurses at Suburban Hospital have access to the CE Direct program. This online continuing education credit program allows nurses  to receive unlimited CEUs at no charge. 

Suburban Hospital's Certified Nurses

Nursing Internships

If you are a new graduate RN or new to a specialty area, Suburban Hospital offers internships in a challenging work environment with ample clinical support.  Internship lengths and content vary by specialty and experience and availability and the program is a balance of classroom and on-the-job training with educators and preceptors.  Internship opportunities include ICU, PACU, Operating Room, PCU, Cardiothoracic Open Heart Recovery/ICU and Step-Down, and Medical Surgical Units including Acute Medicine, Adult Medicine, Adult Surgical, Oncology and Ortho-Neuro.   For more information, call a Suburban Hospital Recruiter at 301-896-3830 or email recruitment@suburbanhospital.org.