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For Employees

Information posted here is intended for employees of Suburban Hospital. Check back often to see new information. If you have a comment about the site or a suggestion for something to be posted, please send an email to info@suburbanhospital.org. Please include your department name and phone extension in the message.

Inclement Weather Hotline

In case of inclement weather, employees should call 301.896.7669 for information about weather emergencies.

Dedicated Phone Line Available for Staff Safety Reports

Suburban Hospital’s top priority is to provide a safe environment for our patients, visitors, volunteers, and staff. The hospital has a dedicated phone line—x7233—through which staff members are strongly encouraged to report any and all safety concerns or adverse drug events. Staff can also leave suggestions for safety improvements on this voicemail. The messages can be anonymous, if needed. Each employee’s commitment to safety is appreciated.

Please Be a Good Neighbor (Part 1): Don’t Smoke in Our Neighbors' Yards!

Since the hospital began its tobacco-free policy, our neighbors have complained about staff smoking in their yards or in front of their homes. Understandably, our neighbors find this disruptive. We appreciate that smokers are respecting our new policy, but please be considerate of our neighbors. Thank you for helping the hospital be a good neighbor!

Please Be a Good Neighbor (Part 2): Respect the Road Signs!

Suburban Hospital serves an entire county, but we live in a neighborhood. It is important that all of us respect the concerns of those who live around the hospital.

Please remember that there is no right turn from the Lambert garage onto Lincoln Street and no right turn from the parking lot onto McKinley Street. Despite the signs clearly denying these right turns, many cars make these right turns into the neighborhood. We urge staff members to respect the “no right turn” signs. 

A Reminder about Parking

Parking here at Suburban Hospital continues to be a daily challenge for visitors, volunteers, and staff. As a reminder: employees are expected to park in their assigned lots (either on-campus or off-campus) and to park in one space only. Each space matters to all of us!

New Referral Program Offers Cash Bonus and Vacation!

The HR Recruitment team continues to offer the employee referral program, People and Places. Focusing on “hard to fill” positions, the program offers a payment of $2,000 for each new hire referred by a current employee and a vacation valued at $2,000 for three or more hired referrals. The goal is to recruit 30 registered nurses and 20 Allied Health positions. So, send HR your people and they’ll send you places!

Referring someone is easy! Just fill out an Employee Referral Form and tell your referral to list you on the application as their referral source. The form is available in your department, on the Intranet, and in the HR office. Our “Hot Jobs” list is posted weekly outside the cafeteria and the HR office. Questions? Call x3795.