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Community Health Needs Assessment

In Fiscal Year 2013, Suburban Hospital conducted a community health needs assessment (CHNA) to identify the most important health issues surrounding the hospital using scientifically valid health indicators and comparative information. This process was executed with a three-tiered approach: 1) collaborating with the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services and four other county hospitals to conduct a county-wide community health needs assessment called “Healthy Montgomery;” 2) engaging health experts by establishing a Community Benefit Advisory Council (CBAC) that advise on the direction of the needs assessment; and 3) conducting a community health survey to assess the needs and insights of the community members benefiting from Suburban’s programs, services and activities. 

The assessment helped to identify priority health issues affecting Montgomery County as a whole and specifically residents’ of Suburban Hospital’s Community Benefit Service Area (CBSA).  The CHNA report represents Suburban Hospital’s efforts to share information that can lead to improved health status and quality of care available to our residents, while building upon and strengthening the community’s existing infrastructure of services and providers.

Click here to read Suburban Hospital’s Community Health Needs Assessment 2013. 

Our hospital completed an implementation plan that was adopted by the hospital Board of Trustees in fiscal year 2013. The implementation plan connects hospital, community partners, clinicians, and other resources with identified health needs. Our hospital aligns health priorities with the areas of greatest identified need and considers where the Hospital’s resources will generate the greatest impact.

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Healthy Montgomery

Healthy Montgomery is comprehensive data repository that shares information about our community’s health. Funding and in-kind support for Healthy Montgomery is made possible by the five Montgomery County hospitals, Montgomery County Maryland and the Montgomery County Collaboration Council.

Visit the Healthy Montgomery web site at healthymontgomery.org.