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Click here to download Dr. Julia Rowland's presentation from the 2013 "Living With Breast Cancer" Symposium.

Knowledge is power and sometimes gaining power helps to reduce some of the stress and anxiety around dealing with an illness. Below are some links to reputable Web sites that offer information about cancer diagnosis, treatment, and complementary health services.  Also, you can check out the information in Suburban Hospital's online Health Library by clicking here.

Genetic Risk Assessment Clinic

A multidisciplinary team offers genetic counseling and testing to people at risk for carrying a breast and ovarian cancer susceptibility gene. This information may be helpful in making medical decisions about how to manage future risk for cancer. For information call Judith Macon, RN, MA at 301-896-2445.

Genetic Counseling and Breast Cancer Risk Assessment

Individuals — whether because of family history or factors such as abnormal breast biopsy results — may be at an increased risk to develop breast or ovarian cancer.  Below are factors that may increase your risk:

  • Personal or family history of breast cancer diagnosed before age 50;

  • Personal or family history of ovarian cancer diagnosed at any age;

  • Diagnosis of breast and ovarian cancer in the same woman;

  • Personal or family history of male breast cancer;

  • Breast and/or ovarian cancer in multiple generations;

  • Membership in a population known to carry a founder mutation (such as the Ashkenazi Jewish population); and/or

  • Personal history of an abnormal breast biopsy (atypical hyperplasia or lobular neoplasia, for example).

If you have one or more of these factors, you may wish to make an appointment for a cancer risk assessment. Suburban Hospital’s Risk Assessment team is available to answer questions and provide assistance. For more information, contact Judy Macon at jmacon@suburbanhospital.org or 301-896-2445. Please note: These risk factors are only guidelines. Your individual risk may depend on other factors. 

School/Community Speakers

Need a speaker or a health fair representative? Suburban Hospital can arrange for a healthcare professional to speak to your business or organization free of charge. We can also assist you with community health fairs. For more information, call 301-896-3939.

Skin Health and Safety

In efforts to stop skin cancer before it strikes, the Suburban Hospital Cancer Care program partners with the Sidney J. Malawer Memorial Foundation, a non-profit organization that raises funds for melanoma awareness, prevention, and screening. These outreach programs are designed to promote sun safety and early detection to Montgomery County residents of all ages. They include:

  • "Block It Out," a sun safety program taught in Montgomery County public and private schools,

  • "Prom Promise," a program to educate high school students about the risks of using tanning booths,

  • Free skin screenings twice a year,

  • Pediatric Kits to educate pediatricians and their patients about childhood sun safety,

  • Educational materials in the community,

  • Lectures for physicians on melanoma skin cancer, and

  • Golf tournament and dinner  to raise funds for educational programs.

For more information about the Malawer Foundation, click here.

Clinical Oncology Social Workers

The Clinical Oncology Social Workers provide emotional support to patients and their families from the time of diagnosis through treatment and during the transition to life after treatment. They help patients cope with the many challenges a cancer diagnosis brings through counseling, support groups, and psycho-educational programs. Our social worker on the Oncology inpatient unit is Janet Connors, LCSW-C (301-896-2192) and our social worker on the Adult Surgery inpatient unit and oncology outpatients is Susan Jacobstein, LCSW-C (301-896-2193).

Educational Seminars and Workshops

Seminars and workshops on a variety of topics, from treatment to survivorship, are offered throughout the year. For information call Susan Jacobstein, LCSW-C at 301-896-2193.

Nurse Care Coordinator

The Nurse Care Coordinator provides support and educates patients about their disease and its treatment, enabling them to more confidently make decisions and cope with their illness. For information call Jamie Borns, RN at 301-896-6798.

Oncology Research Program

The Oncology Research Program, in partnership with local oncologists, offers patients access to leading-edge clinical trials sponsored by the National Cancer Institute’s Cooperative Group Program or by pharmaceutical companies. These clinical trials study investigational drugs, new combinations of standard treatments for cancer, or cancer prevention in high risk patients. For information, visit our Research Studies website.

GCM-Suburban Imaging Patient Liaison

The Patient Liaison provides support and coordination of services for women having mammograms and breast biopsies at GCM/Suburban Imaging. For information call Marie Ronick at 301-896-6877.


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