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Adolescent Addiction Treatment

The Level 1 treatment program is for adolescents who have experienced significant consequences from their use, or have been unable to remain abstinent. These adolescents may show obvious signs of addictions or may be in the early stage of the disease. The program consists of three phases; the first of which includes 6 multi-family session The final two phases provide opportunities for application of the information presented in the first phase, specifically related to their lives, circumstances and development of coping skills which prevent future use.


Participation in regular observed drug screenings during each phase of treatment is required and participants are also required to attend self-help meetings. These can include Alcoholics Anonymous, Marijuana Anonymous, or Narcotics Anonymous.


Education Programs:


Drug and Alcohol Education Seminars (DAES)


The DAES-4 Program is for adolescents and families who are in need of education on alcohol, marijuana and addictive disease, based on their brief experimental use or parent’s concern. The program consists of two 2-hour sessions held during a single week. 


The DAES-9 Program is for adolescents who are socially and/or recreationally abusing chemical substances and may be demonstrating early warning signs of addictive disease. The program consists of 6 weekly sessions and requires participation in observed drug screenings (urinalysis.) Clients who are unable to maintain abstinence while enrolled in the program are subject to re-evaluation and referral to a more intensive level of care.