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Estimated Charges for Inpatient Procedures

The list below provides estimated charges for common inpatient elective procedures. Please note that these are only estimates and are subject to change without notice. The actual cost of your procedure may be higher or lower based on factors specific to your case, such as your length of stay in the hospital and the complexity of your medical condition.

We hope this information is helpful in understanding estimated charges for your procedure, and if necessary, for making a pre-payment. (To make a pre-payment online, click here.) If you have any questions regarding an estimated charge, call our Financial Counseling staff at 301.896.2222.

Professional Fees

Please note that there are physician or other provider fees that are billed separately from the hospital fees and are not included in the estimates provided below. You may receive bills from multiple physicians for their services, including but not limited to your private physician, anesthesiologist, hospitalist, pathologist, radiologist, cardiologist, emergency room physician, and other specialists who participate in your care. If you have questions regarding the bill for their services, please contact the individual provider.

For estimated charges for outpatient proceducres, click here.

Inpatient Procedure Estimates

Cardiovascular OR Coronary Artery Bypass Graf (CABG)
  Right/Left Thoracoscopy (possible Thoracotomy)
Colorectal Laparoscopic Appendectomy
  Lower Left Anterior Colon Resection
  Right Colon Resection
  Ventral Hernia Repair
  Bowel Resection
General Surgery Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
  Exploratory Laparotomy
  Laparoscopic Colectomy/Colon Resection
  Lower Extremity Irrigation and Debridement
  Modified Radical Breast Mastectomy
  Irrigation and Debridement
  Breast Mastectomy
  Diagonstic Laparoscopy (possible laparotomy
Gynecology Cystourethroscopy (possible biopsy)
Neurosurgery Anterior Cervical Disc and Fusion
  Lumbar Laminectomy or Laminotomy
  Decompressive Lumbar Laminectomy
  Cervical Laminectomy with Decompression
  Anterior Cervical Fusion
  Lumbar Laminectomy and Fusion
  Craniotomy for Subdural Hematoma
Orthopedics Fixation Hip Trochanteric Fracture
  Hemiarthroplasty on Hip
  Total Hip Revision
  Total Kneww Revision
  Amputation Above/Below Knee
  Hip Pinning with Screw (ORIF)
  Ankle Pinning with Screw (ORIF)
  Total Knee Replacement
  Total Hip Replacement
  Wrist Pin (ORIF)
Plastic Surgery Circumferential Abdominoplasty/Body Lift with Liposuction
  Abdominoplasty with Liposuction
Thoracic Vascular Right/Left Carotid Endarterectomy
  Femoral Popliteal Artery Bypass
Urology Total Vaginal Hysterectomy
  Cystourethroscopy with Prostate Resection
  Cystourethroscopy Ureteroscopy
  Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy
  Vaginal Sling
  Cystourethroscopy with Ureteral Stent