8600 Old Georgetown Road | Bethesda, MD 20814

Emergency Services at Suburban Hospital

Our #1 priority is quick diagnosis and immediate, effective treatment for each patient.

Welcome to Suburban Hospital's Emergency/Trauma Center. We treat more than 40,000 patients annually, including 1,500 major trauma cases. As a state-designated regional trauma center for Montgomery County and the surrounding area, we offer superior emergency care in a high-tech facility with a specially trained medical team.

In addition, we are a certified Stroke Center with a dedicated NIH Stroke Team, which provides rapid diagnosis and cutting-edge treatment of strokes. Our rapid chest pain evaluation provides early recognition of heart attack, which can now be treated in our new, state-of the-art NIH Heart Center at Suburban Hospital. A separate Pediatric Emergency Center is staffed 24 hours a day by an emergency pediatrician and specially trained pediatric staff.

What to Expect During Your Visit

Triage | A triage nurse assesses each patient and recommends treatment priority. While we try to see all patients promptly, those with non-life-threatening conditions may wait while more seriously ill or injured patients are treated.

Registration | After triage, please visit the registration desk and provide us with address, phone, and emergency contact information.

Diagnosis & Treatment | A nurse reviews medical history, medications, allergies, and the current illness or injury. An emergency care doctor examines the patient and orders diagnostic tests or procedures.

Separate Treatment Areas | More seriously injured patients are taken to the Major Treatment area. Patients with minor illnesses/injuries receive timely care in our Minor Emergency Needs area.

Family Access | A relative or friend may visit the patient during treatment, but no more than two at once. Visitors may be asked to stay in the waiting area so a patient can be properly treated. Children under 12 are not permitted in the treatment area.

Billing | All patients are evaluated and treated regardless of their ability to pay. Please note that physician groups and other services are billed separately from hospital emergency room charges.